Happy Birthday!!! Have a great day hehehe


i’m crying thank you it’s been great so far ♥♥♥

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Wow, you have such a talent! I just recently found some of your art and I really love seeing how you can go from cute doodles to something linear with simple but nice choice in color palette, to something as intense and detailed like that Sousuke drawing. It's so great to see your art in tags I look at and now I can follow all your art. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing it!

i already cried about this message to a friend last night right before going to bed and i’m still !!!!!

of my biggest worries is style inconsistency i’m so so glad you like that in particular about my work I’M SO GLAD THANK YOU SO  MUCHH HH H

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haru doesn’t change much but shorter hair dries more quickly


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your lighting is perfection, stay amazing

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peonies symbolise healing


Because of your free art of the Mikoshiba sister I made an rp account for her. Thank you so much for making those pictures! It gave me the courage to play her!

no no thank you, i’m glad my art inspired you to do that ;;u;; have fun!!

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rin pretends he doesn’t know them and seijūrō really just wants his jacket back

[referring to this]

HI!! OH WOW, OH MY GOSH YOUR ART IS SO SO SOSOSOSOSOSO A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!! You have incredible talent! oh how i envy you... hahaha uhm this is probably gonna sound REALLY weird but y'know when you draw clothes, HOW DO YOU KNOW WHERE TO PUT CREASES/WRINKLES??? I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO PERFECT THE SKILL FOR SUCH A LONG TIME BUT IT NEVER EVER WORKS!! Sorry if i wasted your time *blushes* BUT YEAH YOUR ART IS GREAT *0*

FIRST OF ALL MAN OH MAN THANK YOU FOR LIKING MY STUFF ♥♥ messages like this motivate me to no end thank you

now as for the clothes; i’m far from being an expert at that myself but i’ll try to explain what i know 

to understand the way creases, wrinkles, folds and all that fun stuff works and where to put them you need to understand why they exist in the first place.

» why does fabric crease?
simply put, because there’s excess material and lack of space. fabric creases because it’s not allowed to spread out and relax. this in turn is due to different forces manipulating its flow.

let’s say you have a rectangular piece of cloth. when you stretch it and hang it up on a clothesline on two corners it should be pretty flat and wrinkle-free, right?


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Your art is so beautiful T-T How you do that T-T

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