listen: your post about the mikoshibas' sister is the most important thing i've seen in the entire free! fandom. seriously, thank you so much.



samezuka has it hard

bonus soumako:

poor mikoshiba sis just wanted to watch her brothers swim


Hi, I saw in your faq that you use a tablet for your drawing. Is that what you primarily draw on and then upload to Photoshop to colour or something else? Just trying to grasp the work that goes into doing fan art. Sorry, just really interested because your art is amazing <3

thank you!! i’m glad you like my stuff ;u; ♥

technically a tablet is a substitute for a mouse, which means I draw everything directly in photoshop, from the sketch to the shading and background. think drawing something in MS paint with your mouse, only more complex.

a tablet usually doesn’t have a screen (there are a few brands that do but let’s not go into that now as i don’t own one of those), so it’s like you’re drawing on paper, except you don’t look at your hand and what it’s doing on the tablet (“paper”) but instead at the monitor.

if the tablet itself is the paper then the pen is the mouse. it counts as a click when you touch the surface of the tablet with the pen tip, and you move the cursor when you hover over the tablet without the pen touching it (your hand doesn’t affect that since the tablet only recognises the pen as the mouse, unlike ipads for example, because that’s a different technology altogether). the surface area of the tablet is calibrated to match that of your monitor, meaning that if you move your pen to the bottom left corner of the tablet, the cursor on your screen mimics that

laughs nervously i’m not sure my explanation made sense so here's the simplified wiki article to dispel any confusion

some people do sketch/ink their drawings on paper, then scan it and use photoshop to add colours, but i don’t work that way! i do everything digitally

i hope i didn’t go off on a tangent here ahaha, but you’re free to ask me again if you’re still confused ;;;;

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"wouldn’t it be fun to merge the current popular sports animangas,” i thought
and now I’m sitting here and shaking my head at myself

meet Hirose Shoruya (1|2|3) and Katsuyama Togari (1|2|3) the water polo players (fun fact, the majority of the balls used in official games is of the brand mikasa, so we even get an SNK cameo)

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someone please just give this guy a hug or twenty

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two solos, two moods

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tiny kyungsoo ball spreading some love °˖✧◝(°♡°)◜✧˖°

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THANK YOU! tbh your art is the first i have ever considered to put as background mobile (well not considered i have just put one of your fanarts as background lol) because DAMN you sure know how to art! I found you yesterday and i basically cried because you're so talented and when i say so talented i mean FUCKING OVERWHELMING and i am not talking just about you exo fanarts i saw your other blog and damn i sure love those little birds. Keep going you're awesome.

BLUSHES REALLY HARD OMG ANON TT v TT i’m gonna print this and read it every morning i’ll be invincible

thank u man i’m glad you like my stuff this is really motivating i’ll do my best not to disappoint in the future

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Hello! is it okay to use your art as the background of a mobile phone? ^^

yes, go ahead!! please give credit where credit is due when someone asks or something, but you can use it however you want if it’s only for yourself.