tiny kyungsoo ball spreading some love °˖✧◝(°♡°)◜✧˖°

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THANK YOU! tbh your art is the first i have ever considered to put as background mobile (well not considered i have just put one of your fanarts as background lol) because DAMN you sure know how to art! I found you yesterday and i basically cried because you're so talented and when i say so talented i mean FUCKING OVERWHELMING and i am not talking just about you exo fanarts i saw your other blog and damn i sure love those little birds. Keep going you're awesome.

BLUSHES REALLY HARD OMG ANON TT v TT i’m gonna print this and read it every morning i’ll be invincible

thank u man i’m glad you like my stuff this is really motivating i’ll do my best not to disappoint in the future

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Hello! is it okay to use your art as the background of a mobile phone? ^^

yes, go ahead!! please give credit where credit is due when someone asks or something, but you can use it however you want if it’s only for yourself.


I saw your Chanyeol cat drawing just yesterday and I was wondering if you post the link to story that you're talking about please and thank you ^^

chanyeol…cat drawing………this one? omg I’m sorry but there’s no actual story to go with it ;; my friend manda (ayohexo) was the one who came up with the catyeol idea and some heacanons, so please give her all of your love

if that’s not the drawing you mean then I’m sorry but I think you have the wrong person! I can’t recall ever having drawn another cat chayeol

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white demon jongin ψ(`∇´)ψ

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joonmyun, kyungsoo, luhan, and jongdae for the palette challenge! these are so much fun to do omg

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outfit swap pmsl

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 》 Survey of Interest


The 1ST EXO Chinguline Anthology is currently under construction!

This is an art and fic anthology combining new work from several artists and writers featuring EXO’s Chinguline.

'Chinguline' consists of CHEN, D.O, BAEKHYUN and CHANYEOL!


An early survey of interest has been opened.


kyungsoo with fire dragon!chanyeol hehuheuehehe

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