[I drew you in closer with all I had
Now I can’t turn it back]
; overdose

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parrot boy
happy birthday sehun u little nugget ilu

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hello!! ;u; i just wanted to leave you a message after seeing your art! i found your tumblr by accident and wowow i really love your art! ;u; they're amazing <3 i've been trying to draw digitally and kind of failing... i wanted to ask if you have any tips, if you don't mind? and what brushes do you use? :)

aahhh thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to leave a message!! this was really sweet, thank you so much ;~;

as for tips, hmm, I guess familiarising yourself with the program you’re using will help a lot? I mean yes ok that’s obvious, but really. watch videos on youtube, look up tutorials for specific things you’re having trouble with. and make use of the possibility to mirror your drawing! mirroring your drawing is so important, so important, you’ll spot mistakes a lot easier that way. and look up how to use layer masks (if you’re working with a program that includes those), as a substitute for completely erasing things, you’ll come to realise how handy that is once you figure out how to use it.

I uploaded the brushes I use most frequntly here! I’ve used them with both  CS5 and CS6 so I know for sure they work with those versions at least. (the painting triangle brush has my heart but I still want to take the soft chalk one out for ice cream dates)

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twitter doodle \o/
i’m rly fond of what we’ve seen of blond joonmyun so far

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hellooo! i found you on twitter (in the none creepiest way possible omg) and i just had to drop by to say your art is great! i can't digital to dave my life so i always admire people who can hehe i just had to foliow :D anyways i hope you have (or had?) a lovely day!


thank youu ( /)///▽///(\ )
(i’ve taken the liberty of checking out your art (I’M SORRY) and goodness you’re so good at what you do!! i’m sure if you tried your hand at digital art for real you’d be great in no time)

holds your face whispers I hope you will have a great day, mine’s been a+ so far and it just got loads better with this message

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i’m going to make a keychain out of this for myself and no one is going to stop me

happy birthday to the cutest hyung ♥♥

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what about an alternate mama!au where jongin automatically teleports every time he touches someone

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[sings backstreet boys loudly at you]

[hollers back and winkwonks]

teesta bullied me into drawing this (not really) so i bullied her into writing something for it (not really) and now here we are

art by me, fic by teastallpanda!

There are things about Jongdae that Chanyeol runs after the boy to gather. (In which Chanyeol can’t sleep and Jongdae never runs out of lullabies.)

»» (can i ask you) about today (on livejournal)

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